Third Party Asset Trust

This trust is designed primarily for individuals who are receiving government benefits, such as SSI and/or Medicaid. It allows accounts to be established with a lump sum of funds or structured settlement, with a minimum initial deposit of $25,000.


  • $25,000 minimum contribution within 12 years of enrollment
  • Enrollment fee of 1% of initial deposit (minimum $250)
  • Monthly administrative fee of 2% of funds on deposit (minimum $42)
  • Monthly brokerage fee of 0.1666% (2% annually)
  • Annual renewal fee of $100
  • Annual audit and tax return fee of $100
  • Can designate remainder beneficiaries to receive no more than 50% of corpus remaining on disabled beneficiary’s death


LCG Community Trust 1 - Third Party Asset Trust Joinder Agreement

Account Record Keeping Form

Trust 1 - Automatic Request Form

Trust 1 - Disbursement Request Form

Trust 1 - Fee Schedule

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