Medicaid Spend-down Pool Trust

This trust is for individuals that are receiving government benefits, such as SSI and/or Medicaid, and who’s income that is higher Medicaid allowable level. LCG’s Self Directed Medicaid Spend-down Trust allows the individual to protect their surplus.


  • Minimum monthly deposit: $500
  • $250 enrollment fee
  • Monthly administrative fee of 8.5% of required monthly deposit (minimum $42.50)
  • Annual renewal fee of $100
  • Annual audit and tax return fee of $100


LCG Community Trust 3 - Medicaid Spend-Down Trust Joinder Agreement

Account Record Keeping Form

Trust 3 - Information and Procedures

Trust 3 - Automatic Request Form

Trust 3 - Disbursement Request Form

Trust 3 - Fee Schedule

Trust 3 - Deposit Coupons

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