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LCG Community Trust, Inc. (LCG) sponsored by Guardians of Our Children, Inc. (a 501 (c) {3} not-for-profit community based organization), established to assist community Medicaid applicants with their spend-down requirements; by entering into the pooled trust the applicant can continue to retain the use of their excess resources to pay for expenses.

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What is a Pooled Trust and how does it work?

We understand the importance of managing income and expenses for individuals with special needs. That’s why we offer Pooled Trust services to our clients, helping them maintain their eligibility for stay-at-home Medicaid benefits while managing their finances with ease. With our Pooled Trust, each member has a personal account to handle monthly deposits and pay bills, allowing them to focus on their well-being and independence.

A Self-Directed Asset Trust allows disabled individuals to manage their own trust, with a minimum contribution and monthly fees, while retaining some control over the trust’s remaining funds after their death.

A Third Party Asset Trust is managed by a third-party trustee and has similar fees and beneficiary designations as the Self-Directed Asset Trust.

A Medicaid Spend-Down Trust allows disabled individuals to qualify for Medicaid by depositing excess income into the trust, with fees and beneficiary designations similar to the other trusts, but with all remaining funds retained by the trustee organization upon the beneficiary’s death.

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